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Strengthening the team and allocation of responsibilities: New Products Group held the training for manufacturing employees

Strengthening the team and allocation of responsibilities: New Products Group held the training for manufacturing employees

How to build a successful team? How to effectively interact with other units and allocate responsibilities? On December 1st, a team-building training “Team Interaction” was held for the manufacturing employees of the New Products Group, within which the participants searched for the answers to these questions.

35 persons participated in the event: operators, manufacturers, laboratory assistants – all those who contribute to the prosperity of the company with their own hands. The training was aimed at strengthening the team cooperation and improving the communication between manufacturing departments, discussing achievements and identifying prospects for further development. It was held by Polina Toropova, a personnel assessment, training and development manager, who possesses a certification of a business trainer and many years of experience in holding trainings.

The team-building event consisted of theoretical and practical parts, which were combined with each other.

Practical exercises included: team drawing, Minefield and Twist mazes (participants had to free themselves from ropes not talking to each other).

During these exercises, it was necessary to put the theoretical knowledge about teamwork into practice. For example, initially, the participants discussed the meaning of a “successful team”, how to interact with colleagues for success, the role of a leader. And then they were offered to embody these concepts metaphorically, in drawings. This was how the training in team drawing was held.

Next in line was the Minefield maze. This exercise is ideal for working in teams where employees are responsible for different areas of work. The secret of the maze is that the participants do not see the full picture – all turns of the maze. And to fully assess the situation, they need to combine the efforts, passing the leadership to each other in each part of the maze. This teaches to trust the employees and to share responsibility.

Another very useful skill honed at the end of the event was to give colleagues feedback on the work done. The feedback on the skills developed was also collected from the participants. Most of the participants noted that they learned how to better understand colleagues, to “hear the team’s opinion”, to cooperate with other units, to provide and to receive feedback.

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