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PIT BULL™ has become a sponsor of the reality series “Not a Football Player” from the creators of the YouTube channel “Brutal Football”


PIT BULL™ was created for those who are ready to freely express their opinions and stay true to their ideals despite discomfort. It is an energy drink for active youth striving for a rich life. That is why the brand supports ambitious projects that share similar values.

PIT BULL™ actively collaborates with YouTube podcasts about football, as this sport has become truly popular in Ukraine. Football contributes to the development of team spirit and a healthy lifestyle among young people. This game is played in schools during physical education classes and after classes, with friends in the yard. National football competitions gather crowds of fans at stadiums and millions of Ukrainians in front of TV screens. The very essence of football is to unite different people with a common goal.

“Not a Footballer” is a reality series on the YouTube channel “Brutal Football” that narrates life in the Ukrainian outback. The spirit of old school and brutal football is still alive there, with its passions, injuries, and even fights. It’s a story about ordinary Ukrainians – people for whom football is more than just a game. It is from such amateurs from small towns and villages that the stars of The Ukraine National football team have emerged.

Viewers of the series “Not a Football Player” will find many interesting contests and prizes from PIT BULL™, along with high-quality content. So, join watching the releases at the following link:

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