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PIT BULL™ becomes the official sponsor of the ProFan YouTube project. This partnership promises to be unforgettable!

PIT BULL™ becomes the official sponsor of the ProFan YouTube project. This partnership promises to be unforgettable!

PIT BULL™ was created for those who are ready to freely express their opinions and stay true to their ideals despite discomfort. That’s what the drink is like, and that’s what the projects the brand collaborates with are all about. The PIT BULL™ team and partners are an energetic community of daredevils who are the first to pave the way and lead others.

The brand not only follows its values, but is also interested in the opinions and interests of consumers. That is why PIT BULL™ actively supports sports projects. For example, football is an important part of popular culture. We played the game at school during PE, after school with friends in the yard, went to local team matches on weekends, and later continued to watch live broadcasts on sports channels. Football has different forms, but the point is always the same – to unite different people with the same goal. This is how the partnership with the legendary FC Dynamo began. As the brand saw a positive reaction from consumers, we decided to keep going and continue to develop in this sector.

We’d like to introduce you to the unique YouTube community ProFan – the first media team in Ukraine, with which PIT BULL™ has decided to unite energies. The idea belongs to Nazar Dushenko, a blogger from Ivano-Frankivsk, who has formed a team of influencers to compete with actors, presenters, professional football players, and even the Armed Forces of Ukraine, demonstrating that football is a game for everyone. This way, on the field, the audience will be able to understand who is a real Pro and who is just a fan. The ProFan YouTube channel produces a range of exciting video formats: fun football challenges and games with media guests, sports news, match reviews, and more. And, of course, PIT BULL™’s partnership with the project involves interesting brand integrations.

So don’t waste your time and start following ProFan and Nazar Dushenko! There are many exciting contests, sweepstakes and, of course, quality content ahead!

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