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New Products Group Hits the Ukrainian Market with Unique Vitamin Cocktails EXTRA LIFE

New Products Group Hits the Ukrainian Market with Unique Vitamin Cocktails EXTRA LIFE

Here comes EXTRA LIFE! It's a brand-new format on the Ukrainian market you've never seen before! We present vitamin cocktails created in collaboration with researchers and nutritionists. Being wonderfully delicious, they will bring a plenty of benefits to your health.

EXTRA LIFE brand promotes a preventive approach to keep you healthy. Every day, you will take small steps in order not to treat, but prevent any health disorders. And we believe that you will agree with us that such kind of prevention is much easier and more delightful to be applied day after day. Regular use of EXTRA LIFE will definitely help you improve your health (physical and mental one), properly boost your immune system and upgrade the quality of your life.

Today, this line represents three types of healthy drinks:

▪ RELAX + ANTI-STRESS (with lime blossom flavour)

▪ PERFECT DIGESTION (with apple and cereal flavour)

▪ IMMUNITY + VITAMINS (pomegranate-flavoured)

Each of these drinks meets the specific daily needs of a person's proper nutrition. They will help you cope with fatigue and daily stress, relieve symptoms of digestive disorders, and reduce a susceptibility to the common cold.

These drinks are actually 150 ml shots, very convenient to drink them up, so you will be able to easily and quickly use them under any circumstances, during workout, on a trip, at work, university or school. By the way, EXTRA LIFE goes perfectly well with regular workout schedule, spiritual practices, detox sessions, and even psychological recovery.

Vitamin cocktails are only our first step in this area. Later, we are going to produce other functional products in alternative formats.

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