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Let’s play nostalgic games: REVO LOVE IS energy drink brand created 8-bit style game

Let’s play nostalgic games: REVO LOVE IS energy drink brand created 8-bit style game

REVO brand has developed 8-bit computer game REVO LOVE IS to support the release of new limited version of the same-name energy drink. The game is about love and amorous adventures. Creative partners of New Products Group, which produces REVO drink, TSD Agency helped implement the idea.

The game’s objective is to make your way through the dangerous Kyiv Neighbourhood named POKH (after Pozniaky – Osokorky – Kharkivska metro stations) and find your love. According to the plot, the main character runs away from his lover’s apartment to the street, wearing only underpants. He has to escape from furious crones who hate young people having fun, and local ruffians, find something to wear, “hunt” for artifacts that boost stamina, and look for REVO LOVE IS cans, the most powerful aphrodisiac. Finally, our character gets to a nightclub. It is a turning point of the game. This game will appeal to Super Mario fans and those who love the aesthetics of the 8-bit era. You may play it on your smartphone or PC.

“The 8-bit retro style of the 1980s and 1990s is very popular now, so we decided to create a 8-bit style game. We want to prove once again that REVO knows how to create bright stories our young fans take sincere interest in, and it is fond of creating them. REVO LOVE IS game is created in line with the ruffian visual style of the new REVO cans. REVO LOVE IS BITTER LEMON, alcoholic cocktail and energy drink 2-in-1, is a superpower for taking pleasure and having fun we all really lack in our everyday life, especially nowadays. In our computer game, the main character gets this superpower thanks to REVO”, commented Olena Seliutina, Communications Director of New Products Group.

REVO LOVE IS game is available here:

Let’s play nostalgic games: REVO LOVE IS energy drink brand created 8-bit style game
Let’s play nostalgic games: REVO LOVE IS energy drink brand created 8-bit style game

Release of the game was dedicated to a limited version of the energy drink – REVO LOVE IS BITTER LEMON. The drink, available in 0,5 l cans, is designed in provocative and challenging pink colour. You will find QR code with the game on the can.

REVO LOVE IS BITTER LEMON presents absolutely unique taste for REVO line, with a bit of zesty sourness and perfect combination of lemon and lime flavours. This energy drink is a sequel to the series of limited versions of REVO LIMITED EDITION (earlier, we produced REVO LIMITED EDITION and REVO LOVE IS 1,0, white cans with the image of an astronaut on), it contains traditional natural extracts of guarana and damiana, caffeine, and natural juices. From the beginning of August, REVO LOVE IS BITTER LEMON will be available in Fozzy Group, Aushan and Novus chain stores.

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