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Good News from “Zhashkivsky Kaban”: brand launches three exciting beer innovations

Good News from “Zhashkivsky Kaban”: brand launches three exciting beer innovations

“Zhashkivsky Kaban” brand by New Products Group launches three novelties at once. Soft filtered pasteurized light beer “M’yake” under the brand Zhashkivske is now available in 1L and 1.8L formats. Unfiltered pasteurized light beer “Lager” under the brand “Zhashkivsky Kaban” is now available in a 0.5L aluminium can.

“Zhashkivsky Kaban” is a true craft beer for connoisseurs of the natural products. It is produced at the innovative New Brew brewery in the city of Zhashkiv. Produced from crystal-clear water of Zhashkiv’s springs and wavy Bavarian hops, poured with the strength of local barley and high-quality malt, it cultivates a love for the homeland. The absolute quality of the ingredients, the local origin of the ingredients, the transparent brewing technology, the absence of filtration, the categorical rejection of impurities as well as the craft recipe – all make it truly authentic and clear – with its typical delicious bitterness, rich color, benchmark taste and distinctive flavor.

Today, “Zhashkivsky Kaban” stands not only as a testament to the rich heritage of Ukrainian brewing but also as a vital contributor to the national economy. By creating employment opportunities, fostering conducive work environments, and generating substantial tax revenues, this brand plays a pivotal role in driving regional economic development, improving living standards, and bolstering infrastructure. Moreover, by utilizing local ingredients in their production, New Products Group actively supports agricultural growth in the fertile Zhashkiv region, harnessing the bountiful resources that have made this land legendary.

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