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‘Economic Front Fighters’: Ukrainian Manufacturers Support the State During the War


Kostiantyn Nevesenko: ‘The perseverance of Ukrainians is a decisive weapon in the fight against the enemy’

More than three months have passed since russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Despite too ambitious enemy’s plans, the Ukrainians demonstrated their invincibility and unity to the whole world once again. There are already legends told about the activity and effectiveness of the work of volunteers, and the generosity and dedication with which people from all over the country join in supporting the Army never ceases to amaze.

Once again, some Ukrainian producers have shown their loyalty to the homeland. In particular, New Products Group, which we have repeatedly told our readers about, not only broke all business ties with russia and belarus, but also clearly outlined the priorities of its activities: being centred around the society.

‘Economic Front Fighters’: Ukrainian Manufacturers Support the State During the War

‘Today, the possibility to continue working is very important, because, under martial law, this is not only difficult, but dangerous, too. Motivation of our team does not give any chance to think about a break in our work. And I think it is important to emphasize that the major motivation for us today is society. We all understand that the continuation of our company’s operation means jobs for people, taxes for the country, and finally, providing citizens and our Army with high-quality products of domestic manufacturers. We strive to keep on working because we know that our state needs it. Despite the crisis circumstances, we were able to resume our work, establish logistics and provide Ukrainians with our goods on a daily basis’, says Kostiantyn Nevesenko, one of the Company’s top managers and Head of the Nova Hromada Charitable Foundation.

Charitable aspect of its operation is also very important for New Products Group. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the company has been actively cooperating with various foundations and directly with the military and volunteers to help the Army and citizens. However, it should be noted that the company has been supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the first day of the military confrontation that began in the east of the country. So, in 2014, it was decided to bring together all the Company’s charitable initiatives and create a fund that would help meet urgent needs as quickly as possible. Since then, the Nova Hromada Charity Foundation has enlisted the support of Zhashkiv residents, because it has become not just an organization, but a real comrade who stays loyal even in the most challenging times.

In May, the Company’s team twice collaborated with the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation – first, we purchased pickup trucks for soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then we supplied soldiers fighting on the front line with drinking water, energy drinks and snacks produced by New Products Group.

‘Economic Front Fighters’: Ukrainian Manufacturers Support the State During the War

In the same month, on the own initiative of the Company’s management, three more pickup trucks for our soldiers fighting on the front line were procured and transferred to the Lazar Charitable Foundation. In April and March, the Company was closely cooperating with military enlistment offices, hospitals, and volunteer centres, and directly supplied its products to support society and our Army.

‘Economic Front Fighters’: Ukrainian Manufacturers Support the State During the War

Besides, New Products Group is constantly engaged in raising awareness of the public about the importance of charity and encouraging people to participate. And this is just a small part of the implemented steps. According to Kostiantyn Nevesenko, the Company deliberately refrains from disclosing specific information about the assistance provided – they only report on the fact of its implementation, so that people know that the Company’s team is working hard for the benefit of Ukraine.

‘Economic Front Fighters’: Ukrainian Manufacturers Support the State During the War

‘When we have enough spare time, we will surely report on all charitable acts and projects, and list all those who have applied for help and received it. But this will happen later, because today we have more important things to do, as all our actions must be timely and bring the best possible benefit to society. It is necessary to understand that today almost all citizens of our country have become real benefactors, making their contribution for the sake of society, the state, and our victory. Some of them joined the ranks of volunteers, some joined the Army to defend our homeland, and some continue to work diligently, supporting the Ukrainian economy’.

And all these activities bring many benefits. Kostiantyn told us that the Company receives commendation letters from military personnel for the aid obtained on an ongoing basis.

‘They told us once that our energy drinks were like ‘liquid gold’. Such words are really inspiring! It is very important for us that the military personnel who are doing their best to protect the lives of all of us have everything they need. And when we receive most heartfelt thanks from them, and sometimes even photos from the front lines, where our brave soldiers recreate, drinking our energy drinks, or eating our snacks, we only make sure once again that we are doing the right thing.’

‘Economic Front Fighters’: Ukrainian Manufacturers Support the State During the War

According to Mr. Nevesenko, the charity activities have always been the priority for the Company, because it is unacceptable to stay away today, since the enemy can only be defeated by our joint efforts.

‘It is extremely important for us to stay patriots of our country, and one of the opportunities to demonstrate our patriotism is to support Ukrainians – children and adults who are forced to hide from the horrors of war, volunteers who provide for the needs of citizens and the Army, and, naturally, our servicemen who have been defending us like Titans. Today, this is our way of helping everyone win the war, and we will keep on doing that, because it is the perseverance and unity of the Ukrainian people that is the decisive weapon in the fight against the enemy,’ says Kostiantyn Nevesenko.

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