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500 000 hryvnas were donated to charity fund “RETURN ALIVE”

500 000 hryvnas were donated to charity fund “RETURN ALIVE”

It is almost a year since the full-scale war started. Despite the fact that we are all experiencing extreme hardship, we have no right to stop fighting.

Due to the publicizing of the facts about the impact of businesses on the replenishment of resources, we hope that more and more companies will find opportunities and ways to help the country.

Once again, we have found a resource by transferring 500,000 hryvnias to the largest in Ukraine Foundation “Come Back Alive”, which provides support to service members in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. By doing this, we want to support our defenders, who are protecting our present and future without holidays and weekends, day and night, and in any weather, fighting back the russian aggressor.

“Come Back Alive” Foundation has been supporting the Ukrainian Army since 2014, significantly expanding and increasing its activities since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion. The Foundation carefully studies the needs of the army and spends funds to purchase the most needed aid for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, delivering it to the front line. Every single donation is important in helping Ukrainian soldiers who are bravely defending our homeland from the occupants. Over the past 12 months, Ukrainians have raised approximately 5.7 billion hryvnias for the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces! We believe and hope that with the consolidated support of business and everyone who cares, we will be able to build a reliable rear for those who defend our lives and homes every day.

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