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Creative Collaboration of SHAKE ZERO, the Voice of Ukraine, Sonia Moroziuk and Charity Hub: Kyiv Has Now a Mural Made in Support of Ukrainians


SHAKE ZERO brand is happy to support talented Ukrainians! Therefore, in collaboration with the Voice of Ukraine-13 project, we have an outstanding mural created in support of the new season of the show. You may find it in Kyiv at 7 Andriivskyi Descent. There is a recreation area nearby, with comfortable benches and trees around. Have some fun and relax together with our driving SHAKE ZERO drinks!

Ukrainian artist Sonia Moroziuk and Charity Hub Creative Agency have made the wall painting called ‘The Voice of Ukraine’, which inspires Ukrainians to enjoy life to the full even in our new harsh realities.

‘I paint senses, so the main concept of my mural is to inspire people so that they do not forget about all those things it features, because, no matter what, we need to enjoy our living, we are to create and inspire. I think that the war inspires us even more to live and enjoy our lives in spite of everything’, Sonia Moroziuk, the artist, commented on her work on the mural.

The mural’s motto is ‘The Voice of Ukraine sounds in Europe’, as this time the project will be running not only on the 1+1 Channel in Ukraine, but on Polish TV channels as well. During the season, 60 different-genre vocalists will take the stage to impress the audience with their talents. Among them are Ukrainians who have been living abroad for many years and during this time presenting our culture to the whole world, as well as artists who stayed in their homeland during the full-scale russian invasion.

Among the coachers of the Voice of Ukraine-13 are one of the most popular Ukrainian singers DOROFEEVA, who has previously collaborated with SHAKE ZERO, The Hardkiss band vocalist Yuliia Sanina, singer and songwriter Artem Pivovarov, producer and co-founder of the ENKO label Ivan Klymenko. Under the new rules, this year’s coaching teams will include ten singers who are to become true ambassadors of Ukrainian music in Europe.

The opening night of the show took place on 3 September. Watch the Voice of Ukraine-13 shows on 1+1 Ukraine channel every Sunday at 9:00 p.m.!

You may view performances of individual participants on the show’s Youtube channel:

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